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Code of Good Corporate Governance

The object of the Code is to establish the parameters that complement the applicable legal and statutory regulations, and give direction to Exchange Management regarding its role as a commercial society, as an organization that undertakes an activity in the public interest, and as an organization that promotes the development of the capital, securities, derivatives, structured products and currency markets.

The Code includes principles and regulations that attempt to guarantee the rights of the stockholders, the proper administration of the Society and the proper handling of the relations with the stakeholders, the detection, prevention and control of conflicts of interest, and the existence of a safe and transparent market, with an adequate pricing formation in the systems that are administered by the Society or its subsidiaries.

Headquarters in Bogotá: Carrera 7 No. 71-21 Torre B Piso 12. EDIFICIO BVC. PBX (57 1) 313 9800.
Single Customer Service Line: (57 1) 313 9000
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