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Fixed income investment instruments are debt issuances from the government and companies, directed at participants in the capital market.

Fixed income investments may be acquired when they are offered to the public for the first time or at the moment of issuance, denominated "primary market," or may be bought from other investors in what is known as the "secondary market."

MEC Plus

Fixed income securities are traded in the primary and/or secondary market through Colombia's Electronic Market (MEC Plus) that includes the centralized system for transaction trading and registration.


All institutions having an affiliate status may trade securities directly in the system - among which are: credit institutions, trust companies, exchange brokerage companies, independent brokerage firms, pension and unemployment funds management companies, insurance companies, capitalization companies, Dirección General de Crédito Público y Tesorería Nacional of the Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público, Instituto de Seguros Sociales - ISS, the Fondo de Garantías de Instituciones Financieras - FOGAFIN, the Fondo para el Financiamiento del Sector Agropecuario - FINAGRO, the Banco de la República, and all other public entities that according to the provisions of the Decree 1525of 2008 and other regulations that modify or replace this Decree, are able to access the System directly, and all the other entities that are supervised by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia that in accordance with their legal regime, are authorized or obligated to perform operations through trading and securities registration systems.

The investors, individuals and legal entities may participate through broker dealers under the brokerage contract.

Service offering of BVC for Fixed Income

Electronic transaction and registration systems with more than 140 trading entities.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Completion of operations through the method of delivery-versus-payment.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Unified caps control.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Information.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Ample schedule.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Commercial support.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Personalized attention through the service line 6068966.

BVC's roundtable

Trading roundtable MEC Plus

Trading hours for fixed income

Fixed Income Risk Model – Securities other than TES 15/2017/02 11:01 AM

Fixed Income Risk Model – TES 15/2017/02 11:01 AM

CDT (Certificate of deposit) Primary Issues and Reinvestments – Rueda PRIM [trading platform] 15/2017/02 11:01 AM

Through the PRIM trading platform, investors have access to CDT primary issues made by banking and credit institutions. Likewise, this platform allows investors to reinvest, as they can purchase a new CDT from the same issuer on the expiry date of the previous CDT.

Simultaneous 15/2017/02 11:01 AM

Simultaneous operations allow an investor to raise resources (money) temporarily, by delivering debt securities to another investor who is willing to loan the money in exchange for a set interest. Unlike Repo operations, in simultaneous operations there are no restrictions on the mobility of securities which are the subject of the operation during their validity.

Repos 15/2017/02 11:01 AM

Repo operations allow an investor to raise resources (money) temporarily, by delivering debt securities as collateral to another investor who is willing to lend the money in exchange for a set interest.


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