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Equities Market

The one in which trading values have no predetermined yield, making equities the characteristic title in this market. Profitability is tied to the investment company profit, as well as the possible variations in price values established by existing conditions in the market.

The Colombian Securities Exchange manages the transactional system for the trading of stocks, supported on the trading platform X-Stream of Nasdaq-OMX.

With regard to the brokering of this type of products, the only companies authorized in Colombia for the negotiation of Equities are the Broker Dealers.

In turn, all companies registered in this market must provide regular and relevant information, so that the investing public has sufficient and timely data for decision making.


Equity Products and Sub-products

X-Stream Trading
Global Colombian Market1
Special Operations Primary Stock Issuance (Emisión Primaria de Acciones, EPA)
Repurchase of Shares
Public Offering of Shares (OPA)
Book Building
Sell Tender Offer
MEC Plus Trading Boceas
MILA4 Mila Trader - Mila Management
(1) The Colombian Global Market (Mercado Global Colombiano, MGC) is a trading roundtable in which equities listed in foreign exchanges are traded. Unlike the local securities, the securities linked to the MGC have a different regulatory framework, given that they are not registered in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers (RNVE) of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. For more information, download the product guide.

(2) ETF - Exchange Traded Funds are collective portfolios on an index or a basket, expressed in an instrument that can be traded on the exchange. Their objective is to provide investors with an alternative for portfolio diversification with high standards of efficiency and administration, all through a single product.

The tax treatment applicable to Exchange-Traded Funds - ETFs, is governed by Decree 1281 of 2008, published in the section Regulation - Stock Market - 013 Decrees, available for download here.

(3)Temporary Securities Transfer (TTV), is a transaction managed through the BVC 's transactional systems that allows current shareholders (Originators) to transfer ownership of securities to another party (Receptor) in exchange for a payment amount, named counter-benefit. The Receptor will create guarantees to be administered by the BVC and transfer to the Originator securities of the same instrument and characteristics at a future date. TTV transactions will allow originators to gain additional yields on their portfolios; it will allow receptors to cover positions as a last resort mechanism and the possibility of engaging in investment strategies based on the transfer's securities. For more information, download the product guide.

(4) Mila is the Latin American Integrated Market comprised of the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (BCS), the Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL), the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) and the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC), through a multilateral recognition contract, with the objective of starting the only large interconnected market for equities trading among investors from the four countries. Together, the countries comprised in MILA make up the first market by number of issuers in Latin America, the first by its market capitalization, and the second by its business volume.
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Market Closed
Delay: 15 minutes
* Figures in millions of pesos

Acciones - MGC

Volumen Acciones
Market Closed
Delay: 15 minutes
* Figures in millions of pesos


Volumen ETFs
Market Closed
Delay: 15 minutes
* Figures in millions of pesos


Online information
Indices Units Change
1,042.95 -1.17% Decline
1,019.72 -2.06% Decline

Financial Derivatives

Contract Futures Volume 1.609
Volume Contracts Options 5
Market Closed
Delay: 15 minutes
Name Last Price Contract Volume Change
TRMG22F 3,992.60 879 -0.39% Baja
TRMH22F 4,006.50 128 -0.42% Baja
TRMM22F 4,068.10 1 -0.93% Baja
T27H22F 87.36 200 -3.62% Baja
T24G22F 105.96 24 0.52% Sube

Fixed Income

Traded Volume 1,946,404,601,594.00
Registered Volume 2,599,618,650,318.00
Market Closed
Delay: 15 minutes
Instrument Volume
TFIT16240724 664,227,838,316.00
TUVT17230223 565,692,319,643.00
TFIT15260826 419,744,704,934.00
TFIT10040522 308,961,783,874.00
TUVT18250237 242,249,430,947.00


Register Volume
SPOT Market
Delay: 15 minutes
Volume* Average Price TRM Change
1,096,017.00 3,980.72 4,003.95 -0.13%
* Data in thousands of dollars
Online information
Volume Last Price Change
483,165,660.00 11,000.00 0.00% Equal
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