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What does the IR Recognition mean?


To make Colombia a more attractive market for investment, the Colombian Securities Exchange (BVC) promotes among listed companies the adoption of best practices on disclosure and investor relations (IR).

This, considering the relevance of investors having sufficient, timely information when it comes to making their investment decisions.

To achieve that, it is necessary the existence of a communication channel that allows the issuer to position the company and build trust and credibility among the investment community.

That is why, is gratifying for the BVC to recognize the issuers who voluntarily adopted the objective criteria established by this exchange in its regulations, which seek to reflect best practices in the aforementioned areas.

The foundations of the IR Recognition are:

vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Issuers having an investor relations representative to answer questions in both English and Spanish
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Issuers publish quarterly consolidated balance sheet and income statement
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Issuers publish and regularly update its web site with information in English and Spanish other than ordinarily required
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Issuers conduct a quarterly event to present financial results


The IR Committee, created by the Board of Directors of the BVC, is the body responsible for granting the recognition. In the IR Committee. For issuers, recognition is granted for a maximum term of 1 year and they may subsequently apply for extension.

The BVC believes that by implementing best practices required for IR Recognition, companies are opening the door to the future in the field of investor relations and hopes that this recognition will offer great benefit to themselves and other participants of the securities market.

Please send your comments and suggestions regarding the IR Recognition to

Find the IR Recognition requirements and further information on the Documents and Presentations.

Important information: The IR Recognition granted by the Colombian Securities Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A) is not a certification of the registered securities or the solvency of the issuer. Also, does not imply an opinion on the quality and accuracy of the content, it only denotes a verification of the existence of the information on the website of the issuer.

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