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Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A. is a public limited company based in Bogotá, Colombia, a strategic ally in the financial and the securities industries, leader of the Colombian Capital Market.

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (bvc) is the leading Colombian capital market infrastructure operator, present throughout the value chain. bvc offers Pre-Trading solutions and services (issuer services and issues), Trading (access, transactions and registration), Post-Trading (clearing, settlement, custody and administration of securities), Information (market information and price supplier) and Technology (implementation of core banking, capital market and digital solutions systems) on equity and OTC markets for variable income, fixed income, derivatives and currency markets directly or through its affiliates and investments.


Internal Audit and Tax Audit are supervisory bodies at the BVC.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit's mission is to provide independent and objective assessment and advisory services, designed to add value and improve the BVC’s operations. Auditing helps the organization achieve its objectives through assessment and improvement of the effectiveness of the risk management, control and governance processes.

To carry out its mission, it relies on a highly trained human team and support from international auditing firm ERNST & YOUNG, which audit the governance and technology management processes in co-sourcing mode.

Tax Audit

With a mandate from the Annual General Meeting which selects it, the Tax Auditor performs multiple functions, highlighted among them: assessment of administrator compliance with legal and statutory obligations, the functioning of the Internal Control System, and determining whether its financial statements faithfully reflect the entity's financial situation and its financial results.

Currently, BVC's tax auditor is the international firm KPMG.






Headquarters in Bogotá: Carrera 7 No. 71-21 Torre B Piso 12. Edificio BVC. PBX (57 1) 313 9800.
Single Customer Service Line: (57 1) 313 9000
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