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About BVC

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Mission, Vision and Values

To contribute to the growth and development of the capital market, positioning La Bolsa and its subsidiaries as the major Stock Exchange/Financial Center in the region that provides integrated solutions. The Exchange is trustworthy, transparent, efficient and admired because of its innovation, connection with the client and learning capacity.


The BVC will be one of the three main trading stages in Latin America, while maintaining leading position in the domestic sector. Companies will perceive it as a viable option to finance their growth, and its shareholders as will recognize it as a profitable and sustainable company.
Our organizational values
Passion: We are intensely elated by our vision and the responsibility we have before the country.
Collaboration: We achieve outstanding results, thanks to the cooperation and strategies we establish with our counter-parties.
Reliability: We work with ethics and quality, based on solid and updated technical criteria.
Proactivity: We take the initiative for developing creative and bold solutions. We make things happen.
Commitment: We give our best, in order to exceed the expectations from our clients and for achieving the goals proposed.

80 Años del Mercado de Valores

80 años del Mercado de Valores en Colombia

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
The Colombian Securities Exchange has adopted the highest standards of corporate governance to generate trust in its administration and the information that the organization provides, with the objective of providing transparency and safety in the markets that it manages, and at the same time, to protect its shareholders. To obtain that information, click here
Principal Bogotá: Carrera 7 No. 71-21 Torre B Piso 12. Edificio BVC. PBX (57 1) 313 9800.
Single Customer Service Line: (57 1) 313 9000
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