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Investor Private Equity Fund

Inversor is a private equity fund that aims to channel its investors’ resources to leverage growth, expansion or consolidation plans of SMEs that have a profitable business model with growth potential and that generate a high social and environmental impact.

The BVC has led the growth and development of Fondo Inversor since its creation in 2009, together with 13 other partner and founding entities:


Thanks to the initiative of these organizations, Inversor has promoted development of the private equity fund and impact investment industry in Colombia. In addition to the founders, the fund has other local and international investors, which are:

In 2016, Inversor incorporated a new investment into the Mejor en Bici Company, consolidating the size of the fund at COP 23,910 million with an investment portfolio in five companies:
Companies in the portfolio have created 317 direct jobs on average and are constantly working to improve the working conditions of their employees.
Employment Characteristics
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg 28.7% of employees earn the minimal monthly legal salary in force
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg 31.9% of workers are formally employed
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Improvement of work conditions by 21%
Participation of Women
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg 42.3% of the jobs are held by women
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg 51.3% of the executive positions are held by women
Population with Barriers to Employment
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg 69.7% of the jobs generated are held by employees who are either from a vulnerable population group or face a barrier to employment access.
Consolidated Environmental Impact of Inversor - 2016:
In 2016, GAIA VITARE collected a total of 1,834 tons of electrical and electronic waste, achieving an increase of 32% from 2015. Out of the total waste managed, 77% was reused and 23% delivered for adequate disposal.
GRONCOL’s growth in the number of projects developed has allowed it to significantly increase its impact, and now the green roofs make a greater contribution to the positive impacts on the environment.

vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Waya is a hotel located in La Guajira, which has 140 rooms and 96 hammocks in 8 open-sided shelters.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg The project has partners and allies committed to the development of sustainable tourism in La Guajira.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Inversor invested COP 3,263 million and has a 40.52% share.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg The hotel started its operations at full capacity in September 2013.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg In 2016, the hotel’s sales were COP 10,982 million, presenting an 18.3% increase from the previous year. Sales are expected to increase by approximately 9.0% in 2017.


vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Gaia is a company dedicated to the management, disassembly, treatment and reuse of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Gaia is a family company with more than 13 years working in the market. Inversor invested COP 3,250 million through equity and debt. Inversor has a 45% share in the company.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg The company has managed to evolve its business model, increasing its level of exports and opening new lines of business.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Sales in 2016 amounted to COP 3,001 million and 25% growth is expected in 2017.


vineta_ama_blanco.jpg GRONCOL is a company dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of green walls and roofs.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Groncol has developed more than 200 projects (66% roofs and 34% walls) in Colombia, mainly in Bogotá and Medellín.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Inversor invested COP 1,124 million through equity and a portion of debt, and it has a 28.15% share.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Sales in 2016 closed at around COP 6,698 million. Sales are expected to increase by 20% in 2017.


vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Fruandes is a company dedicated to the production and sale of organic agricultural products, mainly dried fruit and granulated raw cane sugar.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg The international market represents around 95% of sales. Fruandes aims to grow and enter new markets, expanding its production capacity by building a new plant, strengthening its supply chain and developing new lines of business.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Inversor invested COP 3,500 million through equity and mezzanine debt mechanisms. The fund has a 17% share.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Sales in 2016 were COP 3,690 million with a 20% increase from the previous year. Sales are expected to increase by 22% in 2017.

vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Mejor en Bici is a company dedicated to the design and implementation of bicycle-sharing systems for public and private organizations. The company carries out activities to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative, sustainable mode of transportation.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Mejor en Bici aims to grow in new corporate markets, segmenting them by sector of interest, expanding its service capacity and developing new lines of business with the public sector.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Inversor invested COP 1,600 million through mezzanine debt mechanisms.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Sales in 2016 amounted to COP 900 million and more than 50% growth is expected in 2017.

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