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Inversor Private Equity Fund

Inversor is an impact investment fund that channels its investors resources to leverage growth, expansion or SME consolidation plans that have a profitable business model with growth potential and that generate a high social and environmental impact. In 2015, Inversor increased the size of the fund by 15% from 2014, ending the year with COP 23,910 million thanks to the capitalization by FOMIN, BVC, Fundación Bolivar Davivienda and Old Mutual. It also incorporated a new investment in the Fruandes Company and continued to assess its investments with the GIIRS (Global Impact Investing Rating System) methodology. Therefore, the investments of Fondo Inversor at the end of 2015 were:

The consolidated environmental impact of Inversor in 2015 was:
Environmental Impact
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Through Gaia, more than 6,300 tons of electrical and electronic waste have been managed, 69% of which has been reused and 31% of which has been properly disposed.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Through Groncol, approximately 700 tons of organic waste have been reused.
vineta_ama_blanco.jpg Pollution and atmospheric CO2 have also been reduced (See graphs).
WAYA Hotel:

The hotel, located in La Guajira, Colombia, achieved sales of COP 9,286 million in 2015, increasing 16.7% from 2014. In lines of impact, the results of Hotel Waya are as follows:

In employment, it has achieved greater development of employees with training and wellbeing plans, as well as improvement of employee classification. Out of which, 56% is now formally employed, 42% is comprised of women and 73% is considered vulnerable. In suppliers and communities, 47% of the hotel's purchases is made locally and 14 local suppliers were trained. It is also working on the identification of potential partners of tourism services with the communities of the area. In the GIIRS rating, Hotel Waya obtained a rating of 143/200 points in 2015, which is a decrease of 6.9% from the score obtained in 2014.


Gaia Vitare is a company dedicated to the management, disassembly, treatment and reuse of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In 2015, its sales amounted to around COP 2,050 million. In lines of impact, the results of Gaia Vitare are as follows:

In employment, it has achieved greater strengthening of the health and safety processes, as well as greater improvement of employee classification. Out of which, 25% is now formally employed, 46% is comprised of women and 82% is considered vulnerable (senior citizens, single mothers and people from low socioeconomic levels.) In communities, talks were given to the neighboring communities about the company's activity and environmental impact. In the 2015 GIIRS rating, Gaia Vitare improved its score by 7.1% from 2014, achieving 144/200 points.


GRONCOL is a company dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of green walls and roofs. It ended 2015 with sales of around COP 10,300 million, showing 84.3% growth from 2014. In 2015, Inversor experienced a decrease of shareholding in Groncol from 29.1% to 28.15% due to the inclusion of new partners in the company because of the acquisition of Metroverde as part of its vertical integration process.

In lines of impact, the results of GRONCOL are as follows: In employment, it achieved the formal employment of an important group of laborers (33%) and the improvement of the working conditions of others (55%). Additionally, it has improved employee classification. Now 32% is formally employed, 27% is comprised of women and 75% is considered to be vulnerable (senior citizens, single mothers and people from low socioeconomic levels). In suppliers, it achieved the incorporation of Metroverde and its employees, which belong to the community, within the work plans and impact assessment of Groncol. In the 2015 GIIRS assessment, Groncol obtained a significant 40.2% improvement in its rating with 156/200 points.


In 2015, Fondo Inversor made an investment in a company dedicated to the production and sale of organic agricultural products, mainly dried fruit and granulated brown sugar, where the international market represents around 95% of its sales. The company aims to grow and enter new markets, expanding its production capacity through the construction of a new plant, strengthening of its supply chain and development of new lines of business.

In 2015, Inversor invested COP 100 million, which represents 17% of the shareholding and additionally, it invested COP 1,200 million as debt. Fruandes ended 2015 with sales amounting to COP 3,080 million, showing 32% growth from 2014.

The impact of Fruandes lies in the development of three strategies focused on: generation of employment in industrial production, its supply chain and the environmental impact generated throughout its supply chain.

In terms of employment generation, it has 38 employees, 76% of which is comprised of women. In its supply chain, the company has achieved important work in education, culture, association and good practices, benefiting small producers of organic fruit in different regions of the departments of Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Tolima, Huila and Nariño.


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